Message from the Administration

The students of MSSCA, along with the entire world, will recall their stories of survival whenever they think back on the 2019/2020 school year.

This academic year has been like no other, which makes it very difficult for some of us to think about rejoicing and celebrating. However, we are still here; we are still standing, we have made it through to the end. We have lived through one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded in history, as well as the one of the worst health crisis the world has ever seen.

As the leader of this phenomenal place of learning, I am very proud of what we have accomplished and what we will continue to create because of the exceptional scholars and educators who wake up each day and want to give 100% towards changing this nation and ultimately, changing this world.

For my graduating class of 2020, you have had to navigate a roller coaster of emotions and experiences this school year that many would never experience in a lifetime. These life changing events catapulted many of you into adulthood way before time, forever changing your lives.

With these changes, you have been given new realities and thus new choices that need to be made about your college selections and even projected careers. This new world has made us all rethink and reprioritize our very existence, to the point that we now have far more unanswered questions than ever before.

Your theme “Ending of a Story, Beginning of a Legacy” is now prophetic because your class was the first group to matriculate into the newly amalgamated Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Academy. You truly are the beginning of a legacy because at the end of your short life story, you are ushering into this new decade, without much coaxing, a legacy of resilience, strength and courage like no other.

Therefore, let us hold fast with the knowledge that the one constant that remains is that our lives mean something; your life, your very existence, means something. We can keep ourselves stuck in the mire of doubt and fear or be the brave and courageous Crusaders I know we are and keep moving towards the Light and the Truth which will ultimately put us back on course and lead us towards our purpose.

Love and Blessings always,

Joye Ritchie-Greene